Since I was a boy, I have understood the power of food. I left my birth country in search of a better life for my family, but I will always fondly recall the sights and aromas of the delightful Mediterannean dishes back in Egypt – whether in the local market, at the many restaurants, or cooked at home and enjoyed with family and friends…


Our Mission

Osmow’s is the largest Mediterranean fast casual chain in North America. Known for our flavourful and healthy food, that is enhanced by our signature sauces. We will continuously innovate through our menu and guest experience. Maintaining our strong Canadian roots while always giving back to the community.

Our Goal

To be the largest mediterranean and middle-eastern food franchise in North America, maximizing benefits to franchisees, value to customers, and service to communities.

Sam The Man

Sam The Man

Sam Osmow holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration.

Due to his passion in culinary arts, he gained his experience and unleashed his culinary talent through his mere love for food.

As an aspiring business man, Sam experimented with his own recipes and came up with what Osmow’s is today.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Sam Osmow

Principal & Founder

Ben Osmow

CEO & Head of Franchise Operations

Bernadette Osmow

President & Chief Marketing Officer